Lawn Aeration Services

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is one of the best things Liqui Green can do for your turf. With this service, we use an aerator to remove cores (or plugs) of soil. We thatch about 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long across your whole lawn. The cores are then left behind to dissolve when it rains (or as your lawn is watered).

Aeration promotes the overall health and vigor of your turf by alleviating soil compaction and reducing thatch accumulation. This allows for better water absorption and improvement in root development. This service is generally done in the spring when the ground is still moist. We recommend scheduling early to ensure that your lawn receives this beneficial treatment. Call us at (970) 256-1928 to schedule an aeration for you lawn today!

machine for aeration lawn services

It is important to lay the right kind of foundation for your lawn, and no we are not talking about concrete. When you aerate your lawn you are allowing more oxygen to reach soil and the roots. In turn, your grass grows tougher and stronger. This also allows fertilizer to reach your grass more effectively. Aeration also allows thatch to be broken up, and loosens the soil to allow for a thicker, greener lawn. We offer this service along with other services in Grand Junction, Palisade, Fruita and beyond.