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BeeSafe Organics Lawn Program


Organic Lawn Care

No matter what you’re looking for regarding organic lawn care, our BeeSafe Organics Lawn Program has a solution designed especially for you. Whether you’re looking to go completely 100% organic or just want an environmentally responsible program at a great price, we can help!

The BeeSafe Organics Lawn Program is by far the most advanced and effective lawn care service program available in the industry. Our 6 application program specifically addresses soil biology by using compost teas, organic sources of macro and micronutrients, beneficial bacteria & micro-organisms, and bio-stimulants such as sea kelp and humic acid.

When all these organics are combined, it greatly enhances nutrient uptake, releases available nitrogen, stimulates root growth, increases resistance to pest & diseases and promotes chlorophyll production resulting in an organic carpet of thick green grass.

Our BeeSafe Organics Lawn Program not only delivers everything your lawn needs to be healthy and green – it’s also very affordable!

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