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Systemic Insecticide Injection with Deep Root Feeding:
Liqui Green Turf & Tree care offers a variety of tree care services. One of these services is our 2 application Systemic Insecticide Injection with Deep Root Feed Program. We apply this in early spring and again in midsummer. This program targets the growth patterns of various insects. These insects are webworms, aphids, mites, borers, and beetles.


Pest control can seem like a difficult task. A common pest in the Grand Valley is borers. Borers affect the bark of shrubs and trees. The most popular borer species in the Grand Valley is the ash or lilac borer. They can seriously affect the health of trees, and in some cases they weaken the tree while also killing it. Insecticides are the most efficient way to deal with these pests.

Ips beetles infest several species of pine and spruce tees. They feed through the bark of trees leaving the appearance of tunnels. This eventually causes dieback as well as death of the tree.

Aphids are found in all types of plants. They are not known to cause severe plant injury, however they can cause leaf curling. Insecticides are very effective in controlling aphids.

All of these pests can become overwhelming if they are not treated with the proper insecticide program.

 Benefits to Systemic Insecticide Injection:

Each Systemic Insecticide Injection will ensure a 3 month protection period. It does not matter whether it rains immediately after treatment or not. Injecting your trees also gives us the ability to control pests more efficiently. It also allows us to lessen the impact on beneficial insects and the environment. Spraying over the top does not afford these benefits.

In addition to an insecticide injection, your trees will receive a healthy dose of fertilizer. This fertilizer consists of a custom blend of slow-release nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. As well as essential micronutrients that are easily absorbed by your plant’s root systems. Healthy trees are better able to resist pests and diseases.
Remember, Liqui Green has the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat any tree or shrub problem.