How to Control Grubs

Quick Facts About White Grubs

  • Grub control in Grand Junction is easiest in spring with a preventative grub treatment. This is when young grubs are present in the upper root zone.
  • Grubs damage grass by feeding on roots.
  • Grubs can attract wild mammals such as skunks and raccoons. Eventually, they will rip up lawns as they search for an easy meal.
  • Grubs are the most damaging insect pest to lawns in the Grand Valley.

Got Grubs?
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What are Grubs?

Grubs are the larvae of certain kinds of beetles, such as masked chafers and June beetles. Grubs can typically be found in your lawn during the late summer months after the beetles have laid their eggs around June.  By feeding on the grassroots, grubs begin to kill patches of your lawn, leaving it wilted and brown in certain areas.

As the weather starts cooling in fall, grubs will burrow into the soil for protection from cold winter temperatures. In the spring, as the soil warms, they will return to the surface to begin feeding again. After this spring feeding, the grubs pupate into adult beetles and the cycle begins again.

To tell if your lawn is infested with grubs, pull on the area of turf in question. If the turf comes up easily like new sod, check the soil. If grubs are present, you should easily see them.

white grub pest on soil

Grub Control

If you need help with grub control in Grand Junction, follow this advice. If your lawn currently has grubs, a contact insecticide needs to be applied immediately. This should be followed with a preventative treatment in late May to early June of the next season.

As the old saying goes “Prevention Is The Best Cure”. Regular fertilization and proper irrigation make your lawn healthy and strong. A healthy lawn can withstand a grub infestation much more than a lawn that lacks proper nutrition and watering.

If your lawn currently has grubs call LiquiGreen at 970-256-1928. We have the professional expertise and experience to get your lawn back in shape!

White Grubs on soil