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5 Myths About Tree Care

Liqui Green Turf & Tree Care know taking care of your trees is important you. We want to help the folks in Palisade, Colorado by debunking an informing on 5 tree care myths.

1. When a Tree is planted, it should be staked.

A stake can help a tree to stay upright and allow them to hold. A tree with no stakes allows a young tree to develop a trunk and extensive root system.


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2. Pruning wounds should be painted.

Common wound dressings have been shown not to slow down decay, prevent insect damage, and do not help a tree wound heal faster.

3. Trees should be pruned heavily when they are planted to compensate for root loss.

Tree establishment is recommended for unpruned trees. While pruning the top can reduce water evaporation from leaves, a tree needs a full crown in order to produce food and plant hormones to induce root growth. 

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5. When a tree has gone through heavy damage you should cut the crown back to help with root loss.

Unpruned trees respond better than pruned trees as the removal of the branches hinder how much food it will collect.


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