Top 4 Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips in Grand Junction, CO

Summer Lawn Care can be tricky, but Liqui Green Turf & Tree Care is here to help! We make it easy with 4 easy steps to have a beautiful lawn.

We give you tips on watering, mowing and more! Having a beautiful lawn this summer will be a breeze with these 4 simple steps.

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1. Water your lawn smarter.

Watering in the summer is essential to having a healthy and good-looking lawn. Hydration is key to your lawn’s survival.

Whether you are manually watering the grass or have a sprinkler system, you want to make sure to water in the morning. Watering in the early morning allows the soil to take in all the moisture before the sun can dry it up.

You also want to be careful that you are not watering your lawn too much as this will hinder grass health.

To measure automatic sprinklers, we suggest using a coffee can to see how much water is going into one area. That way you can ensure you are watering your lawn at correct measurements.

2. Make sure your lawn is clean.

Taking care of your lawn also means keeping it clean from debris like foliage or trash.

Leaves from trees and bushes that spread across your lawn can attract unwanted bugs such as grubs and worms. These pests can eventually damage your lawn.

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lawn mowing in grand junction

3. Mow the lawn, don’t kill it.

In an effort to save time, some people cut their lawns shorter than they should. This method can save you time in the short run but it damages your lawn, causing problems in the future. Cutting grass too short will lead to faster evaporation of water and can produce patches.

Best practices suggest that when mowing you should stick to cutting 1/3 of a grass blade off. While you will need to mow your lawn more in the spring season. This will enable your grass to handle drought better than most lawns and develop a resistance to weeds.

4. Use Free Fertilizer

Every time you mow, you produce a great fertilizer.

Grass clippings or cut grass blades are a great fertilizer for your lawn because they contain nitrogen.

When grass clippings decompose, it provides rich nutrients that will allow your grass to have even better chances of looking beautiful this summer.

lawn mowing is cutting through grass