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Liqui Green Turf & Tree Care

I took a weekend away from New York to assist a friend with his new home. After choosing luqui green, i returned a few months later to observe the progress they for sure lived up to their claim of high quality work.
There are too many other landscaping companies that would provide a much better service than this one. I would not recommend their services to anyone. Horrible experience!
I contacted them for weed control, I was given a quote which I prepaid with my Visa. I asked when I could expect them to spray my property. I was told they would be out in a week, I told them not to charge my card then as I would pay them when they completed the work. A week later I called them to see when they were going to do the spraying. I was talking with a female who was very rude saying they would be out when they could. I told her I would go with a different company, the female then hung up on me. I found they had charged my card anyway. I contacted the card company about the fraudulent charge. The charge is being dealt with . Liquigreen are thieves do not use them, I should have read the reviews first where I found they have over charged other people as well.
Horrible customer service. Have used them for years. Not anymore. Gave me a quote on hanging lights on some trees. Same amount as last 4 years. Got an invoice almost 3 times as much as quote. Said my lights were tangled. I would think a phone call in advance to make sure I was ok paying 3 times the estimate would be satisfactory instead of sending an invoice with the new amount without checking with me. No communication at all. It ‘s the principle not the money. Maybe you can learn something here so you don’t lose more customers.
Excellent service and professional work. I would definitely work with them again.
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